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As an Individual, knowing your Credit History and Credit Information is important. We offer you tools to view your Credit Information at any time in line with the credit reference bureau act of 2013.

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Credit Report

Your Credit Report is available to you for free once every 12 months, if you access it again within the same 12 month period then there will be a charge for every report accessed after your first free report.


Clearance Certificate

Clearance certificate is issued upon request, either when requested by 1. Financial Institution 2. Job Application 3. Tender process etc

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Self-service Credit Service in Pesa Plus allows you to keep up to date with what is happening with your credit history. When signing up for Creditinfo Monitoring, your email address will be associated with your credit report and any changes that occur on your credit report will be tagged and an alert will be send to your email account informing you of the changes that have been made or reported to us from the financial institution.‚Äč


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Self-service Credit Service
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