It can be difficult for a veteran to find the resources to launch a business, and even more complicated for a veteran to break into the niche domain of technology entrepreneurship, particularly in Africa. In a practical sense, many transitioning veterans simply do not have the experience or even capital to effectively compete with “Silicon Valley” type of technology startups.

According to Mr Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, his fintech firm 4G Capital has been able to provide innovative financing solution using technology lift a number of people out of poverty.

Mr Wayne, who spent years working in the British military says he saw first hand the challenges that many people faced in accessing credit in order to uplift their communities and enable them to thrive. Despite the challenges, he saw an opportunity to leverage technology to provide African micro enterprises with high-quality financial services in the form of capacity building as well as financing.

The firm has also been recognized as one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the ‘Companies to Inspire Africa report by “London Stock Exchange Group.

We met Mr Wayne at his Nairobi office to chat about his journey and a number of emerging issues in the financial services space from a local standpoint.


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