Okolea International Limited is a tech company that has revolutionized financial solutions in the area of digital loans, money transfer, digital payment, big data and accounting software. In the age of technology, our goal is to leverage on existing and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, IOT and virtual reality to power innovative financial solutions and improve the day to day lives of people.

2.Product description

Okolea Loans are digital loans deployed via an android app called “Okolea” which is readily available on Google play.

Interest rates ranges between 5%-15%

Loan limits- By repaying each loan on time. Full loan repayment leads to an automatic increase in your loan limit.

3.Loan application and approval 

After registration, Okolea International appraises your account to determine the loan amount you qualify for at the start. The app will display your loan limit. You can borrow any amounts lower or equal to your loan limit. Okolea International is open to lending any individual provided you Give truthful information in your profile 

Allow the app to access your M-Pesa

Allow the organization to access your CRB report 

Also, note that the Okolea loans are approved instantly. 

How long will it take to receive your Okolea loan 

Okolea International promises to send your loan in less than one hour after approval if you apply for it between 7 am and 7 pm. Typically, it takes less than a minute after approval to receive your loan. But, if you request for a loan at night, you will have to wait until the next morning.

4. How Okolea loan app works 

Registration-Once you install the Okolea loan app, you will have to fill the form available on the app. Afterward, you will be redirected to the home screen. Go to your profile and key in the rest of your details. 

5.How to repay Okolea loan Below is a simple guide on how to pay 

Okolea loan Go to M-Pesa then select Pay bill 

Enter Okolea paybill number 245316 

Key in your mobile number as your account number 

Enter the amount you are paying 

Key in your M-Pesa pin 

Confirm your transaction then press ok 

You will receive an M-Pesa text confirming your payment. The app will also update your account. 

6. What happens when you fail to pay on time? 

Okolea International will forward your name to debt collectors. Also, when you default you risk being listed on the Credit Reference Bureau. 

7. Contacts

Kitengela Regional Office

VISIT US: Betty Business Centre, Room number 301, Kitengela town.

CALL: 0743-392499

EMAIL: support@okolea-international.com

Headquarter Office

CALL US: 0742-817221 / 0709-615000

EMAIL US: support@okolea-international.com

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 Am – 5:00 Pm

Saturday: 9:00 Am – 1:00 Pm

8. Other features of the Okolea loan app 

Okolea International introduced a multiple loans function. With this development, you can borrow up to three loans simultaneously provided you do not exceed your limit. Plus, the loans will have different repayment periods and interest rates. For example, if you limit is 2000 Kenya shillings, but you have only borrowed 500 Kenya shillings, you can request for another loan of up to 1500 Kenyan shillings. The loan app also has a “pay interest and renew loan” option. The purpose of this feature is to help those who cannot raise the entire amount within the agreed loan period but can pay the interest. 


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