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Click ”Share” to enter the promotion page, copy your invitation URL and send it to the player you invite. When the player finishes the registration, it means the promotion is succesful.

Click ”Promotion” and you see your invitation code beside your account icon. The invitation code will be automatically filled during the registration and when your send the URL to others.

Click ”Promotion” You can check your daily commission, total commission records, Team members, Bonus, Agent Intro

Performance/Turnover refers to the situation in whech players are effectivly betting in the game. For example, one of your team members bet 1000 Coins in Mermaid, then he earns 2000 Coins / lose 500 Coins, his turnover will be 1000

First make sure your account is linked to your M-PESA account. Click ”withdraw” and input the amount you want and confirm. The money will be transferred to your account.

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